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Series: k/not my name haint my house

After the long treacherous voyage, after walking hundreds of miles, the people found themselves in a land of strangers.  They were housed in rude structures (some, at first, had to build their own shelter). They were labor camps, never meant to be home. Within the walls of the precarious structures, there was no comfort only fitful rest, if any. For those recently arrived there was the matter of the naming.  For those, soon to be sold, there was the matter of the naming.  Along with your body, your name was no longer your own.  Along the edges of the doorway, a paint make of seashells, lime and indigo was employed to keep ghosts at bay.  Haint blue might trick the fearful future and send it on its way.

The k/not, in its double entendre is used as a metaphor and symbol for the condition of being bound- physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically, not only to an unfamiliar landscape but to the condition of being a commodity.  Twelve, field notes, relay twisted and knotted messages.

Image description
Image description

 Georgy and Bitty's Quarter's                      Photo credit:  Mark Frey                          Lucy's Cabin                                   Photo Credit:  Mark Frey

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